Quanta Analytics

Quanta Analytics (QA) is an independent “think tank” and “consulting” firm.

The “think tank” arm of Quanta Analytics is designed to offer business and the general public a reliable source of free, independent, and unbiased analysis relating to key economic issues of the day.  Currently QA is monitoring on an on-going basis the following three extremely important areas affecting our economy: (1) the banking industry; (2) the Federal Government budget; and (3) the rising cost of health care in America.

The “consulting” arm of Quanta Analytics is designed to support business firms and government entities (large and small) with the tools and techniques to improve the analytical processes used to monitor their key business performance measurements.  Fundamental to this service is QA’s proprietary Performance Evaluation Report Card (PERC) Methodology–one of the ten finalists in the WIPRO-Knowledge@Wharton 2010 Innovation Tournament.  To learn more about this world-tested methodology check the Consulting section of our website out.