Crush Depth Alert

An expert in managing the risk of mortgage-backed securities, Quanta Analytics’ Executive Director, Jim Boswell, shows that lax fundamental housing principles–fueled by the profit motives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac–were the real cause behind the 2008-2009 collapse of the world’s markets.  While many books focus on subsidiary issues such as short selling, “the banks too big to fail”, derivatives, and financial greed to explain the Greatest Recession Since the Great Depression, Crush Depth Alert takes direct aim at housing as the weak link in the economic system that caused the panic of 2008.

The emphasis behind Boswell’s writing is not to just tell a story and point fingers but to offer solutions and new approaches, including dynamic report methodologies such as PERC (Performance Evaluation Report Card) to correct ongoing weaknesses in the financial systems of the United States.  Boswell gives specific recommendations on how to move forward with a more-fiduciary responsible government, including the elimination of the entire concept of Government Sponsored Enterprises, turning the 9% attitude into the 99% attitude,  regulating “all” private banks under one organization, the FDIC, and using the vast amount of government data resources more wisely.

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